Alexia Fasola

picture Doctoral student,
Evaluation of the language network’s plasticity in temporal epilepsy
This project aims to study physiological basis of the early and long-term cerebral plasticity induced by unimodal versus multimodal therapy in a population of temporal epileptic patients. It consists of two parts. In one hand, we explore an early cerebral plasticity by contrasting an unimodal therapy (verbal) with a multimodal therapy (combining differents aspects of coverbal gesture) using SEEG measurements. In an other hand, we explore a long-term cerebral plasticity of language network through a multimodal therapy proposed during ten days using a comparison of MEG recordings before versus after therapy. All of these records have to be compared to patient’s intrinsic plasticity. To do that, we will develop an index of plasticity of each patient based on multiple clinical analysis (naming task, WADA test, semiotic analysis…). We expect to see variations in communication and/or activity of brain areas dedicated to language processes.