Matthieu Riou

pic Doctoral student,
What if it makes me laught ? The influence of a social interaction mecanism’s integration, humour for example, in a virtual conversational agent, on man-machine communication
This project is about the development of spoken dialog system, specifically the integration of a mecanism of social interaction, and studying the influence of such mecanism on man-machine communication. This work can be divided in three parts. First, we will develop a state-of-the-art end-to-end spoken dialog system, based on the last improvements in machine learning (i.e. deep neural networks and reinforcement learning). Then, we will introduce humour as a social interaction mecanism in our dialog system. Finally, the last part will consist on measuring the influence of this mecanism on man-machine communication and its impact on both system performances : objective (relative to the task’s resolution) and subjective (relative to the user’s perception and his satisfaction).