Royce Anders

royceanders Postdoctoral researcher,
Decrypting cognitive and neurophysiological mechanisms of lexical selection: A model-based neuroscience approach
The mental lexicon, involving semantic, grammatical, orthographic, phonological, and articulatory representations, provides a central building block from which advanced cognitive models of language may be formulated. The project is designed to advance our understandings of lexical processing by combined approaches of quantitative / psychometric cognitive process models, with neurophysiological mechanisms and modeling.  We address the timely and powerful convergence between (a) models used to describe verbal behavior when humans retrieve words from memory (see Anders et al., 2015, 2016) and (b) homologous activities recorded from single-units in non-human primates and other species during perceptual choices (Brody & Hanks, 2016).  Our hypotheses will hence be examined through a cognitive model-based neuroscience approach, combining analyses of behavioral and intra-cerebral data (SEEG) recorded during language tasks, such as picture naming.  With these objectives, both types of variables will be used to inform a unifying model of language production.