Michele Scaltritti

Post-doctoral researcher, email: michele.scaltritti(at)gmail.com
Hierarchical organization of language production: The case of typing
Language production implies that a cognitive (and linguistic) representation is implemented into physical reality, be it in the form of a written word, a spoken word, or a sign. The aim of this project is to directly investigate the links and the functional relationship between cognitive processing of linguistic representation and motor response preparation in typing. Typing, other than representing an ever-increasing modality of language production, offers a unique window into the functional organization of cognitive and motor processing in language. With respect to behavioral measures, it offers a rather convenient chance to extend psycholinguistic investigation over simple measures of response onset, in order to entail measures of response execution (for example, typing rate). Further, typing essentially features lateralized manual responses: a given finger of a given hand has to perform each specific keystroke. At the electrophysiological level, this opens the possibility to exploit a series of electrophysiological signatures of motor response preparation that have been highlighted in the vast tradition of research focused on lateralized manual responses. By combining electrophysiological and behavioral large-scale investigation, this project attempts to shed light on how linguistic and motor processes unfold during language production.